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Palm Trees

Please call, or email all orders for current pricing. All prices are subject to delivery fee and will be disclosed at time of order. If there is specific material you do not see, please call for availability as we do not stock everything available.
Adonidia Palm Single, Double, Triple - 25gal
Adonidia Palm -  B&B
Alexander Palm Single, Double, Triple - B&B
Areca Palm - 15gal
Areca Palm - 25gal
Areca Palm - B&B
Bismarkia, Silver - 25gal
Bismarkia, Silver - B&B
Bottle Palm - 25gal
Bottle Palm - B&B
Cabada Palm - B&B
Canary Island Date Palm - B&B
Caranday Palm - B&B
Cat Palm - 15gal
Cat Palm - 25gal
Chinese Fan Palm - B&B
Coconut, Green Malayan, Single - B&B
Coconut, Maypan, Single, Double, Triple - B&B
Dwarf Sugar Palm - B&B
Fishtail Palm - 25gal
Fishtail Palm - B&B
Foxtail Palm, Single, Double, Triple - 25gal
Foxtail palm, Single , Double, Triple - B&B
King Alexander, Single, Double, Triple - 25gal
King Alexander, Single, Double, Triple  - B&B
Lady Palm - 15gal
Lady Palm - 25gal
Lady Palm - B&B
Macarthur Palm - B&B
Montgomery Palm, Single, Double, Triple - B&B
Mule Palm - B&B
Nitida Palm - B&B
Paurotis Palm - B&B
Pemiba Palm - B&B
Queen Palm - B&B
Reclinata Palm - B&B
Roebelini Palm, Single, Double, Triple - 25gal
Roebelini Palm, Single, Double, Triple - B&B
Royal Palm - B&B
Sabal, Slick, Booted - B&B
Screw Pine, Single, Multi - B&B
Spindle Palm - B&B
Sylvestris, Single, Diamond Cut - B&B
Thatch Palm - B&B
Travelers Palm, Single, Multi - B&B
Triangle Palm - B&B
Washingtonia Palm - B&B
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